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Original Acrylic Paintings

Quotation Incorporation:


      - Select what is readily available and listed online

      - E-mail colors to Brooke directly for custom artwork


Custom Art for Home or Office


     - E-mail an inquiry to Brooke describing your idea and space

     - Schedule a one-on-one meeting at the space to discuss size, price, etc.

     - Artwork will be personally delivered upon completion


Architectural Consulting Services:



     - Small Business Renovations/Change-of-Use

     - New Construction Small Homes


The team will walk you through the build-out process, from schematic sketches to construction documents and build out, along with connecting

you to the best quality contractors.




Personalized Cards

Paintings as Custom Cards:


     - Invitations

     - Thank You's

     - Birthdays

     - Congratulations

     - Baby Showers

     - Wedding Occasions 


[ Custom paintings will be created and printed as postcards, or standard folding cards, and then shipped to your personal address. ]

Prints of my Artwork

Fan of previous art pieces?

Message Brooke for a Custom Print, dimensions and prices upon request. 



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