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Abstract and React is a mentality and a company that encompasses all the steps of design with the involvement of art, architecture, community and landscape. Brooke, the founder of Abstract and React, has a wide range of specialities. Please review comments and portfolios to learn more about past work and possible future collaborations.




Large custom work - Choose the size and mediums you would prefer, and also discuss pricing and style, over a visit to the space the artwork will be soon be living.


Quotation Incorporation - Portfolio of work to choose from, but can also send Brooke your favorite colors and quotations for your own new piece.


Interior/Exterior Murals - Have an enormous wall that you have been yearning to bring life too?  Review past mural work in the above portfolio for possible concepts.




Park revitilization - Conceptualing ways to activate public land. Designing programming, plant life, signage, and artistic highlights.


Urban Farming - Feeding the community in more ways than one. Catering to the connections between residents and farmers. 




Promotional Materials - Need to fundraise for new construction and/or a renovation?  Design services with concept evoking renderings, along with online campaign help are available upon request.


Interiors - Design help from floor to ceiling and assitance with seeking fabric and furniture.


Wood Working - Furniture, wood luminaries, and custom framing with aged wood.

Community Outreach



Walking Interviews - A sensitive way of compiling input from the community and learning how they view their neighborhood, which an artistic flair. 


Group Lessons for the Neighborhood - The concept that a community that learns together stays together. Have an event where professionals come and teach a useful skill or fun hobby to everyone on the block.


Interactive Art - Art that sparks your imagination and insists you play a part in its existence. Permanent and temporary installations made to order to fill a need in your community.

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