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Lost in the Woods

This image portrays the design of a live/work space. It would house a metal sculptural artist who produces their work in a studio on the main floor alongside other artist who are in collaboration. The second level would be an a space for educating students about the craft, and those students are able to overlook the working professional studio below. The third level is the artist's loft with a kitchen, bedroom and living room.


The metaphor, "Lost in the Woods," is based on how artists enjoy getting lost in their work. The studio is a space of seclusion and the leaning columns provide what feels as private nook for artists. 

Growing from the Ashes

This model is of a Martial Arts Institute that once was a church. The church experienced a devastating fire that left only the stone walls in it's aftermath.


The space was revived and redefined, and the metaphor "Growing from the Ashes" is related to the reconstruction and the new natural elements in the space. Above the open floor plan with trickling waterfalls and rock climbing is a roof that forms a funnel. This funnel collect rain water that runs through the building for a variety of uses, and the funnel is constructed of glass for a unique skylight, and segments are covered in glass for a quaint landscape when one ventures for a strool on the roof.


This portrays a design adjacent to Grand Circus Park in Detroit, called the Contemporary Cultural Center. The building includes spaces of display and education for three fields; 2-Dimensional art, dance, and antrhopology. 


The main floor capitalizes on both sheltered and outdoor space to spotlight galleries, outdoor stages, and scultpural circulation representing how the three fields of study are spun together. 

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